Ontara IT Success (On-ITS) is a technology consulting practice that serves biotech startups, financial services, investment companies, and non-profits. We provide ongoing technology management as well as develop IT processes and systems for internal IT support. Our services include regular system reviews/audits and business risk technology advisement.

Ontara’s approach to Information Technology comes in 3 parts:

Information: Data and who should get to it.
1. Data access is resilient, secure and available to the right people.
2. Identity Management: verifying the right people.
Technology: The technical systems and tools.
3. The infrastructure to provide the right people access to the right data.

 How is Ontara IT Success different than Managed IT Services

  • The On-ITS Team serves as your internal IT Department. Ontara partners with your IT or Operations staff for long term planning and short term implementation to help achieve your business goals.

  • Your Managed Service Provider is your external IT service.

What does IT Success mean?

  • IT Success is about business results not just technology results.

  • IT Success includes an iterative process of reviewing, correcting, and refining technology alignment to standards and agreed upon policies.

    • On-ITS standards are for business protection and systems excellence, not for implementing a cool technology.

    • We select technologies and configurations that meet the business needs of our clients.

    • We perform regular Technology Alignment Reviews.

Technology Alignment Reviews ask questions that may be technical and detailed but directly affect business technology success. Following are the types of questions we review:

  • Is network infrastructure of the quality required to support business?

  • Is network infrastructure configured to our standards which are designed to support our client's business needs and simplify our support capabilities?

  • Are cloud services setup securely?

  • Are cloud services licensed properly?

  • Is their data backed up and easily recoverable?

  • Do their people know the rules around getting access to their data?